Range of qualitative
jumping horses for sale

DHC has a permanent selection of qualitative jumping horses available in several ages and trainings levels. Each horse is in perfect health and professionally educated/trained. We can personally advise and accompany you during the selection and purchase of your new jumping horse. We feel responsible for finding the right match depending on your personal wishes, ambitions and trainings level. Our expertise can also be requested when testing horses, and a customized purchase package can be designed.

Get to know our horses through this website and express your interest in one or more of our horses. If you have any questions, or desire a personal introduction, fill in the contact form or call us at +31-6-52306206.

Finding your perfect
jumping horse

DHC offers a full service to help you find the perfect jumping horse on the Dutch market. In addition to our current selection of jumping horses, we collaborate with well-known breeders, owners and show jumping riders throughout the Netherlands. Our collaboration is completely transparent and focused on reliability. Based on your personal wishes, we are able to select a number of suitable horses and present them to you.

Purchase guidance

When purchasing your new talented jumping horse its complete health should be assured. We are aware of the complete history of all our selected horses including the breeder, education, training and career. Before selling, all horses are radiographically tested, and a full report is available. All horses are sold based on a sales agreement, in which your interests are properly recorded. When buying a horse from DHC, transportation can be arranged. This way a safe delivery can be assured which provides peace and security.

Training and education
of jumping horses

The (correct) training of jumping horses is a profession of its own. Our team is highly skilled in training young jumpers from the age of 3 years old. Our focus is based on a long-term situation in which the development of the horse in full health is central. Thereby both mental and physical aspects work closely together. In consultation with the owner a specific training goal is set. The DHC team will systematically work towards the agreed objective. This can contains the basic education/schooling of young jumping horses but also training of the advanced jumping horse aimed at further development to higher levels. Mutual communication about progress and results of the horses are self-evident for us.

Participation in (inter)
national jumping competitions

Showjumping is our biggest passion. Our horses (and riders) compete in show jumping competitions of different levels on a weekly basis. We participate in both reginal, national and international jumping competitions. These competitions take place in the Netherlands, but also in neighboring countries like Germany and Belgium. We offer the possibility to enter your horse(s) in these competitions. When interested an individual competition schedule can be arranged/developed concerning your wishes.

Personal development of the horse, while training and competing, is key in our vision. Our focus isn’t determined by speed but on the quality of the growth so your horse can perform in maximum health and with confidence. Owners are, of course, always aware of the competition schedules and welcome to enjoy the sport together.

Housing and care

The Dutch Horse Center has its own professional accommodation in the beautiful Ruigahuizen located in the north of the Netherlands. We possess 16 spacious/generous stables/boxes, a spacious spring garden, various paddocks and enough possibilities for natural pasture. Our top-notch quality service translates into a clean and tidy working environment. The equestrian accommodation of Manege Gaasterland is established within 2 kilometers (1,2 mile) where we can also use two indoor arena’s and an 80 x 80 meter outdoor arena. Jumping horses are fully cared for at our stable, using only the best food, the best horse bedding and all associated conditions. In our beautiful farmhouse, two apartments are available for riders or owners to stay, a few days or more, in the vicinity of their horse(s).

Do you have any questions, or would you like to drink a cup of coffee with us? Contact us and we’re happy to answer them and tell you more about Dutch Horse Center.