Family business

Dutch Horse Center is a family business in which passion and love of horses is a priority. With over 40 years of experience in many branches of the Equestrian Sport, our focus has been on showjumping for the past 10 years in which we’ve achieved victories, both nationally and internationally, up to a level of 1,45 meter.

Being allowed to work with horses is a huge privilege which we fully enjoy. We try to create the best possible well-being for people, animals and the environment.


With a team of professionals, Dutch Horse Center, is specialized in training Jumping horses and participate in (inter)national competitions. Step-by-step our horses are prepared to be released on competitions. Young horses are educated to move up to a higher jumping level.  Goal oriented but with patience, faith and in its own time.

This way we can help breeders and horse-owners in educating and selling horses, if desired

Hyke Voorn

Hyke Voorn

Jumping Rider, Sales +31624908148
Arno Gouw

Arno Gouw

Remco Voorn

Remco Voorn

Sales, Coaching, Marketing +31 6 52306206
Alwin Duiven

Alwin Duiven

Instruction and guidance
Roy Ketel

Roy Ketel

Gerda Voorn

Gerda Voorn

Nutrition and health, stable management, contracts and finances+31 6 41480711

Our philosophy

Our philosophy includes a respectful treatment of people and animals. We are years ahead of our time in the field of equine health. Frequent contact with a team of highly qualified people ensures that all needs of the horses are met. We make sure our horses can be ‘just a horse’ and give them enough time to develop themselves. With an honest, professional education we want to obtain a healthy horse, that jumps a course with attention and confidence and is willing to work for you.

Passion for
Equestrian sport

Equestrian sport is our passion! Together with our horses we work towards the best possible performances every day. Thereby, not only the final results count but the road to achieving it is most important. We distinguish ourselves through the delight we radiate while training the horses, whereby patience and persistence is rewarded.


We’ve started with horse breeding in 2018 and in 2019, Farine (Singapore x Voltaire) got her first foal from Harley VDL named Ostara. We expect two foals by 2020. Farina is expecting a foal from Harley VDL again and Ghanna (Sam R x Holland) will give us a foal from Dakar VDL (Cardento x Nimmerdor), after obtaining her sports predicate if all goes well. Our ambition is to expand the breeding farm in the future.

Our method

DHC can help you with the purchase (guidance) and sale of quality jumpers, training of (young) jumpers and participation in (inter)national competitions. We want to distinguish ourselves in the equestrian sports by means of maximum quality, which translates into the following criteria:

  • All our horses are radiographically tested and pronounced healthy
  • HorseAll our horses have qualitys have quality
  • Appointments are honored and confirmed on paper
  • Health and good care of the horses is the point of our focus
  • Clear communication with horse-owners and other partners
Do you want to know more?

DHC stands for quality and professionalism. We can introduce well-trained and healthy horses (radiographically tested) to a wide international audience through this website.

You can do that via email: or by telephone 06-52306206.